I've always been involved with music while I was studying at school and once I had the opportunity to combine my passion with my studies I started using that knowledge to create.


I wrote my thesis on procedural audio for videogames. Games are getting huge these days and there has to be a way of compressing data somehow. Generating content in real-time is a great wat to achieve this. Audio can be synthesised on the go and match a scene with a simple parameter send and the right model.

Courses and Education

Learning audio and software here and there around the world



Bachelor's Degree in Computer Science applied to Music

University of Milan - Italy

Acustics, Database, Signal processing, Operating systems, Programming, Computer Architecture, MIDI programming, Computer sci- ence applied to music, Virtual Reality, Networking, Restoration of Music, Music Law, Psychoacoustics, DSP.




 Procedural Audio

Aalto University Media Lab - Finalnd

Teacher: Andy Farnell. Procedurally generated audio with pure data, Physical modelling synthesis, integration within game engine Unity3D creating native plugins with Heavy Compiler.




Orchestral Music Composition
for Film and TV 

Berklee Online School of Music - USA

Teacher: Ben Newhouse. Orchestral composition, virtual instruments, synchronization, Scoring for the right emotional content of a Scene.




 Game Audio

CPM Centro Professione Musica - Italy

Teacher: Gianni Ricciardi. FMOD Studio, Unity3D, Ambiences, SFX, Interactive Music. Worked on demos for videogames Atomine and Tenebrae.