Audio will seriously get you there

Virtual Reality is growing everywhere and there hasn't been a better time for audio to be a must. Binaural cues will give you the information to understand the scene your will be immersed in, so you won't miss anything! Linear videos or non-linear videogame like targets have a completely different workflow, I cover them both.


360 Videos

It's like you were there with spatial audio. Audio sources are filterd with HRTFs according to your head position in realtime so they stay in place while you look around. I use facebook spatial workstation to create immersive environments for your 360 videos. Everything is packed up into ambisonics format and played back on various platforms like facebook and youtube. Check out the example below where I took a video from the web and re-designed the sounds with spatial audio.



Games and Others

Making games in virtual reality means creating parrallel worlds to experience in a new amazing way. Binaural audio will give you the real feel when making people believeĀ into what you have created. If you are used to the old 3D panning this is a complete revolution in game audio. Being able to hear sources in front of you and back, as well as flying right above your head is something that just needs to bed tried out. I work with FMOD Studio 3D object panner as well as GoogleVR or OculusSpatializer.